1. (2011) May 28: “Icons of Belgrade (Icone di Belgrado)” exhibition of icons, Monterosa Hotel Hall, Chiavari.
  2. (2011) April 14-May 15: “Facing New Faces of Icons” exhibition of icons and icon-like paintings, Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg, Greifswald.
  3. (2010) May-June: “10/30” exhibition of icons and paintings, Hall of St. Vasilije Orthodox Church, Belgrade.
  4. (2008) March – April: “The Gaze of the Icon” exhibition, Sodalitas center, Tainach/Tinje.
  5. (2006) June – December: “Traces of the Artist’s Presence” art project realized in Serbia, Greece and Germany.
  6. (2005) June 27-July 1: “Transformation of an Unknown Space” art project/radio broadcasts, Radio Kojot, Zrenjanin.
  7. (2005) September 12-20: “Identity. Mask. Person.” video presentation/exhibition (including videos: “From Mask to Person”, “Creating…” and “Face”), Students Cultural Center/VIP Gallery, Belgrade.
  8. (2004) Jun 19: “Icons in the Black Forest” action, Freiburg i. Br..
  9. (2003) March 12: “Funeral of an Author” video-performance, presented at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, followed by the author’s presentation.
  10. (2002) May 17: “The Body Dressing” action, Belgrade.
  11. (2002) August 10-20: “Marking the Space II” action, St. Petersburg.
  12. (2002) November 23: “Funeral of an Author” performance, Topčiderska zvezda, Belgrade.
  13. (2001) April – September: “Pure Art by Džalto Davor” art project, realized within the Center for Youth Creativity, Belgrade.
  14. (2000) October: “Verbal and Visual Space Marking” exhibition, Kuća Đure Jakšića Gallery, Belgrade.
  15. (1998) August 18: “Markiranje prostora” (Space Marking) performance realized within the workshop by the Fund for an Open Society, Žabljak.