Lectures/Public Talks

(2017) "Das Priestertum: von Eden bis zum Eschaton" lecture at the Serbian Orthodox Parish, Hannover, February 9.
(2016) "Religion and Contemporary Culture" lecture and podium discussion, UMMUS center, Kragujevac, December 26.
(2016) "Other and Otherness, East and West" lecture at the EU Info Center, Belgrade, June 30.
(2016) "Art: A Brief History of Absence" lecture at the Institute for Literature and Art, Belgrade, June 29.
(2016) "Orthodoxy and War" lecture at the Ascension Cathedral, Čačak, May 27.
(2016) "Risks of Hospitality: Imagination and Reality" participation in panel discussion (conference organized by the Protestant Theological Faculty in Prague in cooperation with the Anthropos Research Group, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, KU Leuven), Charles University, May 22.
(2016) "Left, Right and (Orthodox) Christianity" participation in panel discussion, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade, May 13.
(2016) "Anarchism and (Orthodox) Christianity" lecture at the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation, Belgrade, May 11.
(2016) "Religion and Fundamentalism" lecture and workshop at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, May 10.
(2015) "Religion, Nationalism and the Culture of Memory" participation in panel discussion, Dom omladine, Belgrade, December 23.
(2015) "Churches and Religious Communities in Serbia: between God and Society" participation in panel discussion, UNS Press Center, Belgrade, December 18.
(2015) "Kuda dalje?" (Where to go from here?), participation in panel discussion, Dečji kulturni centar Beograda, Belgrade, December 16.
(2015) "Spirituality and (Contemporary) Art" participation in a panel discussion, O3ONE Art Space, Belgrade, November 8.
(2015) "Can There Be a ‘Just War’? (Un)Orthodox Theologies of War" lecture at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, November 6.
(2015) "Christianity and the Challenges of Our Time" talk at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St Sava, Belgrade, October 19. http://slovoljubve.com/emisije/zbor-zborila-gospoda-hriscanska-dr-davor-dzalto-pravoslavlje-i-izazovi-savremenog-doba
(2015) "Christlicher Akademiker als ‚Change Agents‛ und Intellektuelle in Universität, Gesellschaft und Kirche" talk and discussion within the international conference "Zukunftskonferenz der Partner des Osteuropaprogramms," organized by KAAD, Vilnius, July 9-12.
(2015) "Apocalypse in the Post-Apocalyptic Times" lecture within the "Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Fiction as a Critical Social Hermeneutics" round table, Dom Omladine, Belgrade, June 12.
(2015) "The Abyss of Freedom: Human Creativity and Orthodox Christian Anthropology" lecture at the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford, Oxford, June 8.
(2015) "Image and Ego, in Iconography, Pornography and Facebook" lecture at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Banja Luka, Banja Luka, May 23.
(2015) "Perspectives of the Serbian (Pop) Culture: from Medieval Frescoes to Silicon Starlets" lecture at the Doboj Cultural Center, Doboj, May 21.
(2015) "Learning How to Remember and How to Forget: Institutional and Ontological Dimensions of Memory" lecture at Dom Omladine, organized by the Center for the Study of Religion, Politics and Society, Belgrade, May 16.
(2014) "Faith in the Contemporary Society" lecture at the Ivanjica Cultural Center, Ivanjica, June 13.
(2014) "Political Statement, Challenge for Faith and/or (Radical) Artistic Expression: The Case of Pussy Riot" lecture at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Belgrade, March 18.
(2013) "Freedom, Consciousness and the Edict of Milan" lecture within the Mariapoli Summer School, Deliblato, July 21.
(2013) "Interpolations Between Religion and Politics" podium discussion, Media Center, Belgrade, June 13.
(2013) „Kirche und Staat – von der europabildenden Kraft des Glaubens" participation in podium discussion, 39. Paneuropa-Tagen der Paneuropa-Union Deutschland, Halle an der Saale, June 1.
(2013) "Nationalism and Orthodoxy" lecture at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade, May 8.
(2013) "We Don’t Need No Education? Facing Educational Challenges in Contemporary Times, lecture within the Internest project, "Dušan Vasiljev" Gymnasium, Kikinda, April 9.
(2013) "Religions in Interethnic Reconciliation" podium discussion, Media Center, Belgrade, March 28.
(2013) "Finding New Social and Economic Models, Facing the Challenges of the Neo-Liberal Concepts" lecture within the "Economy of Communion" panel, "Dom Pavlovića" cultural center, Beograd, March 16.
(2012) "The Total(itarian) Truth: The Architecture of Ideologies" talk at Szent István University of Budapest, December 14.
(2012) "Religion and Reconciliation" podium discussion, Media Center, Belgrade, November 19.
(2012) "Being Human: from Orthodox Iconography, via Pornography to Facebook" talk at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Belgrade, May 29.
(2012) "Contemporary Artistic Scene of New York: Chelsea Galleries" talk at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Belgrade, May 15.
(2012) "Nationalism, Statism and Orthodoxy" talk at the Russian and East European Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington, January 26.
(2011) "Church and Nation: Challenges for Contemporary Orthodoxy," talk at the Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, Chicago, December 5.
(2011) "Borders and Perspectives in (Orthodox) Christian Art and Iconography," talk at the Department of Theology, Fordham University of New York, November 16.
(2011) "How to be a Human Being? Masks and Identities, from Iconography via Pornography to Facebook" talk at Oklahoma University, Oklahoma City, November 10.
(2011) "Iconography of Cretan Icon-Painters (15th to 18th c.)" talk at the Hellenic Fund for Culture, Belgrade, June 9.
(2011) "Christianity and Creativity" series of lectures at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Belgrade, March 22-April 12.
(2011) "Faith and Freedom" talk at the Public Orthodox University, Patriarchate, Belgrade, February 22.
(2010) "Art as Institution: the End of a Construct" series of lectures at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Belgrade, February-March.
(2009) "3. Münchner Balkantage – Dialog der Religionen" participation in podium discussion, organized by the Südost Institut Regensburg, Munich, November 13.
(2009) "Creativity and Truth" talk at St. Nicolas Orthodox Church in Indianapolis, May 9.
(2009) "Vanishing Acts: Corporeal Absences in 20th Century Art" talk within the Burke Lecture Series, Department of Art History, Indiana University, Bloomington, April 2.
(2008) "A Short History of Absence" series of lectures at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Belgrade, October-November.
(2008) Presentations and workshops within the international "(Un) Limited Identities" Summer Academy, organized by Kulturklammer, Belgrade, August 25-31.
(2008) "Kultur macht Staat – Kultur macht Europa" participation in podium discussion within the XXIX Andechser Europatag Conference, organized by Paneuropa-Union Deutschland, Andechs palace, Munich, April 4-7.
(2008) "Die religiös-pastorale Botschaft der Ikonen" talk at the Sodalitas center, Tainach/Tinje, Austria, March 29.
(2007) "Person and Image" series of lectures at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarc, Belgrade, April-May.
(2006) "Art is Art, Art is not Art" series of lectures at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac, Belgrade, March.
(2006) "The Artist as Author in Late Twentieth Century Art" talk at the Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, March 23.
(2005) "Identity. Mask. Person." participation in podium discussion, Students Cultural Center/VIP Gallery, Belgrade, September 16.
(2005) "The Art of the Christian East and West – Connections and Mutual Influences" talk at the Christian Cultural Centre, Belgrade, May 20.
(2005) "The Problem of Personhood in Contemporary Art and Culture" talk at the Cultural Centre of Studentski grad, Belgrade, May 18.
(2004) "Human Body as a Symbol of Individuality and/or Personality – The Global and Local Perspectives" presentation and participation in podium discussion, Students Cultural Center, Belgrade, November 28.

(2017) "When Did Beauty Become So F…n’ Ugly? Troubles with Art and Its Functions" paper presented at the CAA annual conference (Global Conversations III panel), Hilton Hotel, New York, February 17.
(2016) "The Medium of Faith" keynote speaker at the "Faith in Media, Media in Faith" international conference, Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Split, Split, October 21.
(2016) "On the Subversive Elements of Christianity" paper presented at the "Religion, Ethics, Morality" (17th International School of Philosophy – Felix Romuliana), Zaječar, August 26.
(2015) "The Practice of Pastoral Care After 1215" panel chair at the Concilium Lateranense IV international conference, Rome, November 23-29.
(2015) "What is Wrong With the (Political) ‘Left’ and ‘Right’? An Orthodox Christian Perspective" paper presented at the "Political Theology: Theological Reflection on Contemporary Politics" conference, organized by St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute (Moscow), Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization (Novi Sad), Development of Ecumenical Leadership in Mission Network (DELM), Network for Ecumenical Learning in Central and Eastern Europe (NELCEE), and Kerk in Actie (Utrecht), Belgrade, November 4–7.
(2015) "Icon as Image and Word: Modes of Representation or Modes of Being?" paper presented at "Icons and Iconology," paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Iconographic Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, Rijeka, June 2-4.
(2015) "Speaking Truth, Challenges Power Structures: Orthodox Theology as a Critical Discourse" paper presented at "Political Orthodoxy and Totalitarianism in a Post-Communist Era" international conference, Sofia Cultural Center, Helsinki, May 28-31.
(2014) "The Challenge of ‘Posteriority’ and Pluralism" paper presented at "Theology in Dialogue" international conference, Faculty of Theology, University of Maribor, Maribor, October 16-18.
(2014) "Religion, Art and Beauty: Between "Saving" the World and Turning the World "Upside Down?" keynote speaker at "Shaped by Beauty: Art, Religion and Ethics in Conversation" international conference, Heythrop College, London, June 26-27.
(2014) "Seeing the Word, Writing the Image. The Paradox of Icons in the Museum" keynote speaker at "Christian Iconography in Modern and Contemporary Art" international conference, University of Rijeka, June 3-6.
(2014) "Monism, Dualism, Pluralism? From Orthodox Cosmology to Political Theology" paper presented at "Symbolic Mediation of Wholeness in Western Orthodoxy" international conference, Jabok College-Charles University, Prague, May 21-25.
(2014) "Theology, Form and Tradition in Contemporary Orthodox Architecture" paper presented at "Grand Tour del Terzo Millenio" international conference, University of Rome – Tor Vergata, Rome, April 8.
(2014) "The Challenge of Contemporaneity: A Christian Response to the Issue of ‘Posteriority’ and Pluralism" paper presented at "Theology in Public Sphere" international symposium, Trebinje, February 8-10.
(2013) "Truth and Freedom: An Orthodox Perspective on Pluralism" paper presented at "Sacred and Social/Political Freedom: The Political Dimension of Religion," international conference, Belgrade Art Hotel, Belgrade, November 22.
(2013) "Totalitarianism and Pluralism: An Orthodox Perspective" paper presented at "Religion and Transnational Justice in the Western Balkans," international conference, Hotel Saraj, Sarajevo, June 22.
(2013) "Total Truth and Pluralism: Interpolations Between Orthodox Theology and Postmodern Thought" paper presented at "Political Theology of the Edict of Milan" conference, Dom Omladine, Belgrade, June 7.
(2013) "Orthodoxy and Contemporary Art: An (Un)Natural Alliance?" paper presented at "Can Orthodox Theology Be Contextual? Concrete Approaches from the Orthodox Tradition" international conference, Cluj-Napoca, May 23-28.
(2013) "Modern Art and Modern Times vs. (Orthodox) Christianity" paper presented at "Tradition and Innovation – Reflection on Different Streams of Orthodox Theological Thinking in Exile and its Impact on Ecumenical dialogue" international conference, Charles University, Prague, May 17-19.
(2012) "The Culture of Nationalism and the Culture of Love: A Social-Political Aspect of (Orthodox) Christianity" paper presented at "Presence and Absence of the Orthodox Theological Reflection of Modern Ideologies and its Ecumenical Impact" international conference, organized by the Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague, February 3-5.
(2012) "Toward Some of the Basic Theological/Theoretical Principles of Contemporary Orthodox Christian Architecture" paper presented at "Church Architecture: Between Tradition and Contemporaneity" conference, organized by Association of Serbian Architects, Union University, Belgrade, April 20.
(2012) "Nationalism, Statism and the Orthodox Church" paper presented at "Ecclesiology and Nationalism in Postmodern Era" international conference, Volos Academy for Theological Studies, Volos, May 24-27.
(2012) "(Irresponsible) Art and Aesthetics in the Service of Power" paper presented at "Contemporary Confrontations Between Art, Morality, and Politics" international conference, University of Nanterre-Paris, Paris, June 1-2.
(2012) "Christian and National Identity in Serbia in the Context of EU Integrations" paper presented at "National and European Identity in the Process of European Integrations" international conference, organized by the Institute for International Politics and Economy and Hans Seidel Stiftung, IIPE, Belgrade, June 28-29.
(2012) "Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue? Theology of Dialogue" paper presented at "Theology of Dialogue" international conference, organized by St. Andrew Biblical Institute (Moscow) and the Faculty of Protestant Theology of Novi Sad, Faculty of Protestant Theology, Novi Sad, November7-10.
(2011) "Beauty will Destroy the World?" paper presented at the IV Annual Scholarly Conference of the Sofia Institute: "Beauty and The Beautiful in Eastern Christian Thought and Culture" Union Theological Seminary, New York City, December 2.
(2011) "The Defeat of Education in the Age of Digital Technologies" paper presented at the conference "Digital Media Technologies, Society and Education" Belgrade Fair, Belgrade, October 26.
(2011) "Necessary Images: Mass Media and the Kingdom of Perishable" paper presented at the international conference "Philosophy of Media" organized by the Center for Media Philosophy and Media Research – Zagreb, Cres, September 16-18.
(2011) "Orthodoxy and Socio-Economic Development" presented at "Economy and Religion" conference, organized by the Christian Cultural Center and Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade Art Hotel, Belgrade, June 24.
(2011) "The Instability of Memory: Construction of the Past as a Prison of the Future" presented at "Dangerous Memories and Reconciliation" conference, organized by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Religious Studies, Dom omladine, Belgrade, June 10-11.
(2011) "Non Nova Sed Nove: Reading the Balkan Baroques" presented at international conference "Innovation in Art: Conditions and Processes" Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg, Greifswald, April 14-17.
(2011) "How to Remember? Art History and the Problem of Memory" presented at international conference "Spaces of Memory: Architecture-heritage-art" organized by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade and Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade, University of Belgrade, April 12.
(2011) "Borders in (Orthodox) Christian Art and Iconography?" presented at international conference "Roots and/or Borders? Negotiating the Difficult Aspects of Ecumenical and Intercultural Conversations" organized by the Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University, Prague, February 4-6.
(2010) "Empty Field of the (Post) Modern Art as a Metaphor of Creativity" presented at the "Contemporary Serbian Theology" international symposium organized by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade; May 28-29.
(2010) "Aesthetics of Absence" presented at the "18th International Congress of Aesthetics" University of Beijing, August 9-13.
(2010) "The (Eternal) Otherness of the Balkans: the Case of Kusturica and Žižek" presented at "Re-thinking Humanities and Social Sciences, First International Conference: The Issue of the (Post) Other: Postmodernism and the Other" University of Zadar (Croatia), September 10-13.
(2010) "Ekstasis as a Cognitive Aspect of Human Person" presented at the "Days of Applied Psychology – VI Conference" University of Nish, September 25.
(2009) "Techne vs. Creation: An Inner Conflict of Art" presented at the "Fine Arts and Aesthetics Conference: Originality in Artistic Creation – Creative Process, Aesthetic Value, Cultural Role of Art, Metaphysical Significance" organized by the International Society of Phenomenology, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, May 14-15.
(2009) "Art – A Construct of the Modern (Western) Civilization" presented at "The Days of Applied Psychology – 5th Conference" Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis; November 27-28.
(2007) "European Identity as the University Tradition" presented at "Education, Art and Media in the European Integration Process" international conference, University of Arts, Belgrade, October 11-14.
(2006) "Worlds of Lost Identity" presented at the "X Spring Colloquium" of the Slovenian Society for Aesthetics, Ljubljana, April 6-7.