1. (2012) September 8-11: “New Faces of Icons” exhibition of contemporary Serbian iconography, Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Chicago. 
  2. (2012) January 30-February 29: “St. Constantine the Great and St. Helena” exhibition of icons and religious paintings, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, London.
  3. (2009) June 10-16: Exhibition of “FAM-Art” Workshop 2008, Podrum Gallery, Sremski Karlovci.
  4. (2007) February 19-26: “ULUPUDS New Members Exhibition,” ULUPUDS Gallery, Belgrade.
  5. (2007) June 6-17: participation in “Tactics of Resistance X Global Police Action” international exhibition in Chisinau (Moldova), with “The Red Army” video.
  6. (2006) April 5: participation in “Aprilski susreti” international exhibition at the Students Cultural Center, Belgrade, with the “Face” video.
  7. (2006) July 6-9: “Exit Art Installation,” Exit Festival, Novi Sad.
  8. (2005) June 27-July 1: participation in “Transformation of an Unknown Space” art project by the Flexible Art Network, Zrenjanin, with the radio-broadcasts project.
  9. (2005) August 9-15: participation in “Media Art Festival,” Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan, with “The Red Army” video.
  10. (2004) May 14-28: participation in “Transformation of Unknown City” art project organized by the Flexible Art Network, Zrenjanin, with the “Creating…” and “From Mask to Person” videos.
  11. (2004) September – October: participation in “45th International October Salon (Oktobarski Salon)” exhibition, Museum May 25, Belgrade, with “The Red Army” video.
  12. (2003) May: participation in “Exhibition of Religious Painting” organized by the RC Archdiocese in Belgrade, Museum of Pedagogy, Belgrade, with the “Heaven and Earth” painting.
  13. (2003) August – September: participation in the international “Real – Presence – Generation 2003” art festival, Belgrade.
  14. (2003) December 28: “From Mask to Person” (video) and “Creating of Art Works, Creating of Personality, Creating of Artist(s), Creating of Art History” (video/performance) video presentation/screenings at the “36th Festival of Professional Puppet Theaters of Serbia,” Puppet Theatre, Niš, followed by the author’s presentation.
  15. (2002) August 10-20: participation in “International student’s Pop-Art Festival” exhibition, Studentski Grad Gallery, with “The Red Army” installation, Belgrade.
  16. (2000-2001) Participation in exhibitions organized by the “Niš’ Graphic Circle” in Belgrade, Niš, Leskovac, Pirot, Kraljevo and Sofia.
  17. (1999) May: Graphic exhibition by the “Niš’ Graphic Circle” Kultura Gallery, Niš.
  18. (1999) June: participation in the “Exhibition of the Art Pieces by Students of the High School of Art” Paviljon u Tvrđavi and Kultura Gallery, Niš.
  19. (1998) April – October: participation in exhibitions organized by Fund for an Open Society, Pavilion Veljkovic Gallery and Club Underground, Belgrade. participation in the “Raskrsca (Crossroads)” exhibition organized by the “Niš Graphic Circle” Kultura Gallery, Nis.
  20. (1997) September: participation in the exhibition organized by Fund for an Open Society, Pavilion Veljković Gallery, Belgrade.
  21. (1996) May: participation in the exhibition of icons organized by the Open Club, Niš.