This performance took place in Belgrade, in a park near the square of Topčiderska Zvezda. The author performs his own "funeral", commenting this way on the famous postmodern issue of the "death of the author." The artist challenges our understanding of the relations between the human being as a living reality and the artist/author as the creator of art. We are also compelled here to think of the relations between the biological death of a person and metaphorical death of an artist. By being literally buried under the ground level, the artist also provokes the question of the role of the spectators/visitors of the performance who become collaborators in this funeral. Without them the funeral would not be possible. However, the author could also not get out of his “grave” without help and concrete actions of the participants. This way, the spectators/collaborators make possible not only the "funeral" but also the "return" or "resurrection" of the author.