(2011) Plus Ultra: Selected Essays in Culture, Communication and Faith, Belgrade: Otačnik.

+ ULTRA is a collection of essays by Davor Džalto. Following reviews, the book represents a unique selection of essays addressing important cultural, political, social and religious topics. Some essays were published in academic journals, magazines and newspapers, while others appear here for the first time.


The book consists of three chapters:



Spectacle and Phantasm as Key Elements of the Contemporary Culture,

The Security of Slavery,

Fetishism of Things,

Contemporaneity of Contemporary Art.



The End of Multiculturalism: Angela Merkel as Zeitgeis,

 Gay-parade and the Defense of the Traditional Values,

Ontology of Parties.



Fides et Regnvm,

Vox Populi Vox Dei,

The Concept of the “People of God” – from a Tribe, Thought the Nation to the Church, and Faith in the Contemporary World.