(2009) Decem concepti et termini, Belgrade: Faculty of Culture and Media.



This book contains lectures given by Prof. Davor Džalto during the winter semester 2007 at the Faculty of Culture and Media in Belgrade. The original form of the lectures was slightly modified and adopted for the printed version. These lectures were designed to explore some of the basic concepts of aesthetics, art history and theory. The focus was on the genesis and historical background of the concepts, but also on possibilities of their application to contemporary art and culture.

The book DECEM CONCEPTI ET TERMINI (Ten Concepts) is divided into following chapters:




The Artist



Human Body as an Aesthetic Phenomenon

Space in Art and the Visual-Art Elements


The Style and The Meaning



Apart from offering a historical perspective, the author also interprets these concepts in an original way. Pointing to the various contexts in which the concepts can be found and used, the author also develops his own understanding of their significance for the modern culture and broader theoretical insights.

The author’s approach demonstrated here represents a unique combination of aesthetic, art-theoretical, art-historical, theological and linguistic views.

(Excerpts from the reviews)